Dealing with Conflict @ Work

Conflict at work can be very upsetting. You are at work a lot and if you are in conflict with workmates or your boss, work can very quickly start to feel like a battle ground.


Here are some tips for when the temperature rises at work:


1. Realise it’s inevitable and normal

It is bound to happen.

Maybe not on the first day, possibly not even the first month, but eventually, according to 'Human Behaviour 101' – conflict will happen.  It is completely normal.


2. Pick your battles

This means, don’t sweat the small stuff.  So your workmate forgot to put a cup in the dishwasher, or wipe the bench after making their ham and cheese toastie. While it’s not helpful to avoid conflict at all cost, be generous toward others and choose to battle only when it’s really important too.

Otherwise people will take you less seriously when you do have an issue, and are more likely to write you off as the work grump.


3. View conflict as an opportunity

Conflict done well leads to better and stronger relationships after the storm.

See conflict as an opportunity to understand your work mates better, and to deal with the surface stuff to start to form solid relationships.

Look for the win/win.  This is very different to just the win. Just a win, means there is a loser.

Win / win means that you both walk away feeling better. 

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