Finding Time for YOU

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could click your fingers and make the rest of the world disappear?


Balancing work, school, home life, friends –

sometimes life can feel like you are dispensing machine and everyone around you is taking withdrawals.


You need to take care of yourself, because if you don’t, everyone suffers, but mostly; you do.


Here are the top 3 tips to do this:


1.  See YOU as a priority.

Deal with and cut the thinking that your needs don’t matter. They do. There is nothing selfish about taking time out for yourself, actually, it’s the only reasonable response to this sometimes crazy world. It will keep you around for the long haul, and ultimately that is the best thing for everyone.


2.  Schedule time for yourself.

If you leave time for yourself to happen by chance, to get to it one day… maybe…. it won’t happen. Know how much time you need, (we are different here depending on our personality), but figure out what works for you, and schedule it in. See our Plan to Succeed for weekly planner. 


3.  Learn to say no.

Some personalities like to help others, and these are often the people who experience burn out.

If you are like this, learn that its okay to say no.

You don’t need to be the solution to other peoples problems. Its healthy to have boundaries and no your own limits. For more information on this:

Learn about personal boundaries