Getting along with your Boss

Getting along with your boss is not always easy, but if you can crack this and have a good relationship with your boss, it will massively help you enjoy your work.

Here are 3 top tips.


1. Maintain respect but see them as human too

Especially in an apprenticeship / traineeship setting, it can feel like your boss is the BIG jug and you are the LITTLE mug.  

Actually, this is true. You are there to learn, and they are your authority. So you need to respect that.*  

A way that can assist you to hold that respect, is to see your boss as human too. They also have good days and bad days, and have a bunch of life stress they too are trying to manage that has nothing to do with you. Remind yourself of that next time you feel frustrated at them.

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*NB though:  Workplace bullying is NEVER okay.  If you like your relationship with your boss or anyone at work feels unsafe or more like harressment, this is not okay.  


2. Be grateful.

Sometimes when we struggle to get along with our boss, it comes from a place of feeling undervalued, or overlooked. We say things in our head like “This is so unfair!” It can be hard to stop the downward spiral when we start to think like this.

The most powerful counter offensive you have to feeling this way, is not wishing someone else changes, but rather when you practice gratitude.

To practice gratitude ask yourself “What am I thankful for about my job?” AND “How does this make me feel”.

A dose of positivity can wash away the frustration.


3. Question intelligently.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are learning and asking questions is normal. But pick your time to ask questions and make sure you write down the answers. Keep a notebook of all that you are learning at work.

If your boss is really busy, make a list of the things you need to know. Then ask your boss when is a good time to catch up and run through your list. Be sure you write the answers down. You are on a learning curve in an apprenticeship, and you won’t learn everything the first time, but try to limit asking the same question many times.

If you are still really struggling to learn on the job, see our tips about study support.



If you feel like getting along with your boss is just not happening, and it’s starting to impact your ability to stay on the job, CONNECT with one of our mentors.

Mediation in the workplace is one of their big strengths. Sometimes, just having someone to download to is all you need. We are a click away.