How to ask for help

When things go wrong or we need help it is easy just to cover up the issue or mistake or just pretend it never happened.


Sometimes this works in the short term however it can lead to bigger issues moving forward.


It is important to ask for help when

you need it and not be ashamed.


An important thing to remember is we all make mistakes or need help sometimes. Having the courage to ask for help is not a sign of weakness.


  1. Think of someone in your life who you think would be the best person to help you with this issue.

  2. What is it you need help with and what’s the outcome you desire.

  3. Be clear about what you need.

  4. Approach the person and ask if they have time now and if not make a time later.

  5. Be honest and straight with the person about what you need and ask if they can help

  6. If that person can’t help ask if they could suggest who would be able to assist.

  7. Thank the person for their help and make sure you follow through with their advice or suggestions.

  8. Let the person know how it went and the impact they made.  

Watch a

powerful talk

on this topic


strongest people are those willing to ask for help. Vulnerability is where courage is born.

Brene Brown