How to tell the truth nicely

When dealing with others it can be hard to tell the truth. Agreed!  But there are ways to be truthful that are more helpful then others.  Learning this is an invaluable tool.  


The key to telling the truth nicely is to tell the truth with kindness.  An approach where you are telling the truth because you are genuinely interested in the other persons well being and want to help them.


Here are some tips to help you tell the truth nicely.


1.  Don’t tell the truth when you are angry as you might say things you regret.


2. Tell the truth with a gentle and caring tone of voice.


3.  Prepare the person for the message you are about to deliver. For example could say

“I Need to tell you something that may upset you or you may not what top hear”

“What I am about to tell you is hard for me to say”


4.  Don’t brush off the persons response listen without judgment.


5.  Be clear about what you are saying.  Don't mix your messages.


6.  Be kind to yourself and remember telling the truth while it may be hard avoids a lot of pain in the long run.