Plan to Succeed

If you find other commitments are getting in the way of this study time, prioritise and put study before other commitments.


d. STICK AT IT. If you need more help to stay motivated to stick with your study plan, see our tips on motivation. If you still need assistance staying motivated, maybe having someone to be accountable to will assist.


CONNECT  If you still need assistance staying on track, having someone to be accountable may help.  Connect with one of our mentors.

Straight up – winging it probably  

won’t work.

Download a weekly planner

This weekly planner  is from a blog called 'The Organised student'.

This blog has some excellent resources and tips.

Check it out

If you want to guarantee success in your studies, you have to plan to succeed.

As an apprentice or trainee, you are not just a student, you are a worker too. So even more vital for you is the need to be organised. We highly recommend you create a weekly planner.

Download a weekly planner and follow these steps....


b. Fill in your work hours, your study time at TAFE, time for yourself, other commitments.


c. Work out when you will study outside of TAFE. As a general rule, allow 2 hours of external study for every hour of face to face time at TAFE.


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