Managing your anger

Anger is a natural emotion we all experience.

It is important that we learn to control the anger in a way that does not harm ourselves or others.

When you are feeling angry it is easy to just go on the attack and let the other person have it.

It is important to remember you are responsible for the words you say and the actions you take.

Once they are unleashed there is no getting them back. Anger comes from the following emotions:













When we express anger is comes in the follow forms.

  • Lashing out at someone or something.

  • Hitting,

  • verbal abuse,

  • screaming

  • Withdrawing: You shut down, go silent or quickly leave the situation.


Everyone gets angry from time to time so here are 12 great strategies to help you overcome your anger quickly.


1.  Treat others how you would want to be treated.


2.  Express calmly to the person about how you are feeling.


3.  Stick with I statements when addressing the person. “I feel…, I noticed…., I experienced, I believe”


4.  Take deep breaths


5.  Take a break and get some fresh air before taking the conversation any further


6.  Get some exercise


7.  Give yourself some space to think and identify some possible solutions


8.  Find the humour in the situation and have a laugh, this can either be at yourself or the situation.


9.  Remind yourself the “world is not out to get you”.

Remember things change and stuff happens sometimes we have no control over it.


10.  Write down what you are angry about and get all your feelings out on paper to clear your head and look at the issue for what it really is.


11.  Hone your communication skills – Check out or info on communication skills


12.Learn to forgive this can be learned through practising your empathy skills.