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What is 'The Support Hub'?

The Support Hub is part of 'In-training Support' offered to registered, eligible, Sarina Russo Apprentices.


The Support Hub contains a wealth of useful tips and advice relevant to Austalian Apprentices and Trainees. It is also your link to connect to your mentor anytime you need.  Check out our promo video for more info, or check out the 'Digi-Coach' page to explore advice and tips.

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The real

voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

As part of your In-Training Support, you will recieve a fortnightly SMS linking you to the resources available here.  Feel free to check these out as you receive them, or jump ahead to explore any topics relevant to you from the get go. 


You will need the supplied password to enter into the DigiCoach section of the website where all the advice and tips are stored.  Why? Because this resource is exclusively for YOU: the apprentices connected with us at Sarina Russo.


If you have lost this password, click here and we will verify you are with us, and text it to again.


If you want to talk directly to your mentor for additional support or advice, simply fill in the 'Connect to my Mentor' form and they will be in touch.


We are here to support you. 



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