What to do when things go wrong?

Budgeting?  Is that a dirty word?

Let’s face it, life isn’t always smooth sailing. There will be days, sometimes even strings of days that feel like life isn’t working out.


This can be especially true when it hits your hip pocket.


Here are 6 great tips to consider when things don't go according to plan and unexpected costs come up.


1. Don’t panic

You will find a way through if you problem solve with a relaxed brain.


2. Consider ALL your options

When relaxed, brainstorm all the potential options to solve your financial dilemma.


3. Prioritise

Consider your expenses and see if there is some wiggle room to re-prioritise your expenses.


4. Consider setting a budget, or taking out a Trade Support Loan.


5. Don’t waste time feeling like a victim

Everyone has things happen that is unplanned and just plain inconvenient. See it like it is just your turn and remind yourself this will pass.


6. Talk to someone

If nothing else works, consider reaching out for some help to get you through.


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