You Don't have to be Perfect

“Meh” you say, as you shrug your shoulders. Is that how you feel at work sometimes?


Could be that you are lacking energy and are dragging your feet through the day.


Here are our top 4 tips to combat dwindling energy.


Sometimes when we are in something new, like an apprenticeship or traineeship, we put pressure on ourselves to be perfect.


Don't make that mistake. Ever.  It is an incredibly harsh standard to maintain.


Here are three reasons why you don’t have to be perfect….


It actually limits you.

You may think the perfect score, is well, perfect. But if you pressure yourself to be perfect you become afraid to make mistakes. And mistakes are where we learn the most. If you are not making mistakes, you are not taking risks, trying new things or putting you in a place of learning.


You may procrastinate or not finish tasks.

Do you have a hard time starting that assignment or finishing your work? Many perfectionists spend too much time preparing. Fear of failure can run so deep that it stalls you.


You focus on what you aren’t yet, and forget all that you are now.

A perfectionist looks at what is wrong with the picture that needs to be improved. While this thinking keeps a standard, if this is extreme, you end up focussing on that.

You forget all the effort and work that got you to there.

For example, you get an exam back and you get 83/100.

A perfectionist will focus on the 17 marks they missed, and not celebrate the 83 they earned.